Frequently Asked Questions

A letterbox delivery & print business should offer it’s clients great prices, quality, and customer service. The quality of your printed product is the aim, so you want to ensure that the printing business you choose is known for their work and has long term experience in all print types.

Here are few Frequently Asked Questions about our Quality Printing Services :

Question : Can I get a print quote?
Answer : Yes, contact us anytime via email or telephone. The price will be broken down in detail for you to peruse. You need to know all the potential costs up front to make sure you stay within your chosen budget.

Question : Do you offer graphic art design support?
Answer : Yes. Our team of graphic designers are the best around. We can design a single page to a whole magazine for you.

Question : How should I prepare my artwork files for printing?
Answer : Please visit our graphic art design page for the details. We accept jpeg, png, pdf files. Make sure your graphic art has a high resolution, for print sharpness.

Question : Can I see a print proof?
Answer : Yes, we will mail you a hard copy of the print. We can show you a whole range of samples we have printed, with different sized paper stocks and ink colour types.

Question : What about paper stock?
Answer : We have heaps for paper sizes and types available for all your printing projects.

Question : What is the turnaround time?
Answer : Fast. We aim to please. Our print turnaround times are just what you need to keep your business going.

Question : Do you offer a guarantee?
Answer : Yes. We fully guarantee all our print services.

Question : Can I use folds or unusual formats?
Answer : We can advise on any unusual folds or die-cuts that you require. The different shapes available are amazing these days. Your artwork may need to be adjusted to allow for folding, so let us know how you want your final piece to look, and we will comply and advise.

Question : Can you help my small business to grow?
Answer : Helping with what you need for your marketing and how this can take your business into the future. Talking you through all the options and finding solutions is what we do professionally – All types of print and digital marketing.